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Zhejiang Huangyan Jintai Labor Protection Appliance Co., Ltd. which is subordinate to Zhejiang Shuyi Labor Protection Appliance Co., Ltd. is a factory established in 1988 and specialized in manufacturing protective gloves. The company occupies total land area of 40000 sq. m and owns the building area up to 50000 sq. m. The annual output of various protective gloves is more than 28 million pairs. In 2016, the company input 50 million yuan to build a new factory with annual output up to 30 million pairs. "Shuyi" branded industrial protective gloves sell well around the world. The product quality ranks top among similar products of China. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and obtained the entrenched production qualification certificate issued by Zhejiang Labour Department.

"Shuyi" branded linter PVC coated industrial protective gloves manufactured by the factory are characterized by acid, alkali, oil, wear and cold resistance, and are comfortable to wear and easy to use; "618" non-slip protective gloves use imported PVC as the major material and pure cotton cloth as the lining; this series has been highly favored by consumers and been well known in China since its launch. Various protective gloves are applied in chemical industry, mechanical manufacturing industry, electroplating industry, painting industry, railway and highway construction, mining industry, building industry, food processing, fishing, housework, irrigation and water conservancy, environmental health and petrochemical industry, etc.